We are a virtual business accelerator and accept startups on a rolling basis.  Since you are not part of a cohort there is no application deadline.  Apply when convenient for your team.

No.  Since we are a virtual business accelerator, we can assist entrepreneurs that may not be able to relocate to another city for personal or business reasons.

We seek to fund best-in-class founders that have innovative solutions to major problems in large markets and who conduct business with the highest ethical standards regardless of sector or stage of development.

Our solution is not “one size fits all.” We customize our curriculum for your team’s specific needs. Full-time participation is required from the founder(s) during this hands-on and rigorous 3-month program. No matter what city you reside in you will be equally supported. We will assign you a Project Director and a Sector Leader that will communicate by audio and video conferencing.
In addition, we will schedule workshops, lectures, and physical meetings with those in our global network of advisors, mentors, curriculum teachers, startup founders, your peers and strategic partners to ensure you achieve your goals. As the program nears completion we will host two exclusive Demo Days for your team. The first will be with investors online and the second will be face to face in New York City.

We will offer $125,000 for 6-10% (negotiable) of the company’s equity. More capital can be provided, if required.  We will also consider a convertible note.  If structured as a convertible security, we may request special rights to make an additional investment of  $250,000 or 10% of your next priced round of $1 million or greater, whichever is lower, which expires after the conversion of the note.

No, unless there is a compelling and mutual business case to do so.

Near the end of your curriculum, we will organize your Online Demo Day with over 50 select angel investors and venture capitalists that you will pitch. Your New York City Demo Day is a larger, in-person event at the New York Hilton Midtown attended by an additional 150-200 angel investors and venture capitalists chosen by VTG. Following the program, we will assist you in setting up numerous investors meetings with the goal of securing a Series A round of financing typically in the $3-10 million range. 

Expenses are minimized because we do not require the founders to relocate to our New York City location. Also, our virtual business accelerator program does not charge a participation fee or for your exclusive Online Demo Day. There may be some negligible travel expenses to meet any of our mentors, advisors, startup founders, your peers or to attend events in your local city that we schedule. Teams typically budget a small portion of the investment we provide to travel to NYC for their exclusive Demo Day. Depending on your progress we have strategic partners that could cover the majority of your travel expenses to NYC.

No. Even though most of our team are military veterans any founders and teams can apply.  Everyone has the same opportunity, we do not show preference for teams with any military experience. 

Yes, we will consider investing in truly disruptive concepts that can scale regardless of the country of origin.  For foreigners, you must be in the U.S. legally during the program. We can assist with immigration issues through our contacts.

We will notify teams of their status within 15-30 days.  An in-person interview will be granted for those that best meet our criteria.  Depending on the interview results, we will negotiate terms to fund your business and begin the program. We will provide feedback for those that are not granted interviews or not selected into our program.  

Yes, you can apply. However, having a strong team of two or three founders greatly increases your chances of being accepted.

We do not sign NDAs as is customary in this industry. We will keep any information you share with us confidential.

No. We do not require this nor does it increase your chances of acceptance.

Yes. You can reapply after 6 months if you have made significant progress or pivot.